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Leptin: Are your Hormones making you Hungry?

Recent research in the topic of obesity is showing that weight gain is not just related to excessive calorie intake, lack of exercise, and low willpower. It is now believed that a resistance to a hormone called leptin is one of the leading causes of fat gain in people.

Leptin Defined
So what exactly is leptin, and what does it do for our bodies? Leptin is a hormone produced by fat cells. It is incredibly important to the body and primarily targets the area of our brain called the hypothalamus (the area that controls when and how much we eat). Leptin’s primary role is to regulate how many calories we eat and burn, and how much fat we store. Leptin’s job is to tell our brains that we have enough fat stored, we don’t need to consume more food, and that we can burn calories at a normal rate.


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