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8 Ideas for a Healthier Easter Basket

Creating-an-Easter-Basket-with-Love2.jpg2-600x400With Easter baskets full of chocolate bunnies, chocolate chicks, Cadbury Eggs, jelly beans and Peeps, Easter can feel like Halloween, part 2. All that sugar is sure to lead to a crash, making for cranky kids by dinner. Instead, try filling your baskets with something healthier. Check out some of our favorite, bunny-approved ideas; don’t worry, we haven’t ditched all the chocolate.

  • Check out the Dollar Store, Target or Wal-Mart’s dollar bin, or the party favor section for cheap and fun basket fillers.  You can often find items for all age groups here.
  • Instead of candy bars, include your child’s favorite granola bar. Cliff Kids and Kind bars are excellent choices. Dried fruit or trail mix can satisfy your child’s sweet tooth.
  • A bundle of carrots in a decorative bag makes for an unexpected, healthy snack.  Or, tie a ribbon around a group of whole carrots with the stem left
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