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Blue Sky MD Receives Local & National Recognition

Aw shucks. We might be blushing just a little bit. Blue Sky MD has received recognition from two, that’s right two, prestigious sources.


We are so proud to have once again been voted as one of WNC’s best Weight Management …

A Calorie Is Not Just a Calorie

Detox Diet Food

The struggle with weight loss is nothing new. People have been tackling the issue for decades, every few years coming up with a new fad diet that guarantees success but leaves you heavier and more frustrated than when you started. …

Stop Making Excuses. Start Exercising Today.

Winning with Weight Control and Weight Loss

It’s so easy to makes excuses, to invent reasons why you can’t or don’t exercise. This month, we challenge you to radically change the way you think about exercise. We challenge you to retrain your brain and start exercising today.…

Five Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving

Eat Breakfast

While you may want to save as much room as possible for the big family meal, skipping breakfast can lead to over-indulging. Starting the day with a small meal, even just a slice of whole wheat toast and …