Weight Control

Why Blue Sky MD?

Blue Sky MD is an innovative healthcare provider of high quality, medically effective weight management, bio- identical hormone replacement, and non-surgical aesthetic therapies. Our patients have one thing in common: a desire to age well. The triple pronged offering of services at Blue Sky MD embodies an age management package providing a higher quality of life as this growing population ages.

Blue Sky MD services and their identified target population mirror major trends across the country: an aging baby boomer population that is not as healthy as the previous generation.

According to the JAMA Network and the 2010 Census, baby boomers make up 26.1% of the US population, equaling more than 80 million people. Boomers are not as healthy as previous generations. Of those surveyed by JAMA, 13.2% of boomers reported “excellent” health compared to the 32% from the previous generation. According to this same article, 38.7% of boomers self-reported as obese. While they are less likely to smoke cigarettes, they suffer from diabetes, hypertension, and hypercholesterolemia. These chronic conditions are co-morbidities of obesity. According to a 2012 Nielsen report, “In five years, close to 50% of the U.S. adult population will be 50 and older and they will control 70% of the country’s disposable income. What’s more, they stand to inherit $15 trillion in the next twenty years.” (Nielson and BoomAgers, 2012)

In addition to the population of Boomers who would seek out our services, the CDC reports that 36% of adults over the age of 20 were obese in 2010 and 69% of adults over age 20 are overweight. The forecasting of obesity trends predict that 3-out-of-4-Americans will be clinically obese by 2020 (Development). Together, these sustainable trends support the Blue Sky MD business model and highlight the need for “high end, high quality” medical weight loss and anti-aging therapies, such as bio-identical hormone replacement and aesthetics. These therapies allow individuals to improve their appearance and quality of life by achieving their ideal weight, ideal hormone levels, and best appearance well into their legacy years.

Our Story

Blue Sky MD is a privately held medical practice developed by a primary care physician with a passion for prevention and wellness. This passion transformed the business from an ancillary primary care medical service practice into three free-standing medical practices, who are currently credentialed with most major health insurance plans in North Carolina and Tennessee. Blue Sky MD has the ability to scale and develop both free- standing clinics and ancillary practices to enhance an existing medical practice.

The Blue Sky MD Competitive Advantage

Through our current strategic partners, we are able to offer a turn-key solution providing all the requirements of top tier medical care.

We have the ability and structure to partner with investors, physician groups, employer groups, and hospital systems. The Blue Sky MD weight loss advantage relies not on a one-size-fits-all solution, but on an adaptable model that can be implemented in various situations. Unlike other weight loss and wellness solutions available, we have existing contracts with insurance payers and the ability to integrate and generate referrals as a part of a health system and community.

Benefits of Blue Sky MD Licensing Agreement

  • Access to the Blue Sky MD brand, trademark, logo, materials, products, and clinical service lines (weight control, BHRT, skin care and employer group care* in development).
  • Comprehensive marketing plan and branded collateral available for all media types (i.e. web, print, broadcast, radio, and billboard), as well as inclusion in targeted social media, ppc, and digital marketing campaigns. In addition, we provide CRM support and a strategic plan for solid SEO (excludes actual advertising and production of collateral).
  • Professionally designed patient materials and point of sale retail items like the Blue Sky MD patient education binder with branded program inserts, journals, nutraceuticals, bars, protein shakes, signature skin care line, water bottles, scales, and supportive patient communication items.
  • Professionally developed patient charts, intake, consent, tracking, follow up, and related reports.
  • Protocol Training for you and your staff: one week of on-site training in Asheville, NC and on-site go live support at your location (excludes travel/expenses related to travel).
  • Operations and Patient Support:
    • Electronic Medical Record implementation/management/template building (excludes EMR license fees). • Patient Portal Access (excludes direct vendor fees).
    • Assistance with payer incentive programs/Meaningful Use certification.
    • Monthly financial benchmarking.
    • CRM Reporting, patient care follow up and resources.
  • Preferred billing contracting and services: revenue cycle management, billing and collections, provider credentialing, payer credentialing, contract negotiations and management.
  • Turn-key relationship with LabCorp, enabling expedited launch of a new facility with a working interface within a matter of days. Our relationship becomes your benefit, with a preferred pricing structure.
  • Human Resources Management: payroll/tax reporting (except processing fee), administration of benefits, recruiting/staffing, compliance, unemployment services/management. All staff, other than physicians, are employed by CMS/billing partner.
  • Legal Support, compliance and contracts (excludes any state specific legal needs).
  • Ongoing Operational and Clinical Training & Support from Dr. David LaMond, D.O., A.B.F.P. and Kristen Hunter, RD, LDN.
  • Professional Call Center and Answering service.
  • In-house Pharmacy Solution: on-site dispensing and/or pharmacy fulfillment based on state law/ compliance and pharmacist consulting service.
  • Strategic Business Counseling and CPA services: bookkeeping, tax prep, tax beneficial legal structure (if needed, at a preferred rate).

Learn More

To learn more about starting your own Blue Sky MD, contact us to schedule an appointment or send an email to info@blueskymd.com.