Blue Sky MD | Our Process

Weight Loss

At Blue Sky MD, our process for creating the right weight control program is broken down into a series of appointments:

Schedule of Weight Control

1st Appointment

Your initial visit will allow our Blue Sky MD consultants to discuss your needs and match you with the best program for you. Contact us by filling out this simple appointment request form. We will review your lab results and discuss your insurance options. We are able to file most insurance, leaving you with only a co-pay during your visits.

2nd Appointment

During this visit, you will spend about 45 minutes with one of our wellness coaches.  The coach will discuss your current lifestyle and decide how aggressive of a weight control program you want to participate in.  There are stimulant and non-stimulant appetite suppressants available depending on the individual’s ability to meet the qualifications.  This will be evaluated every four weeks by a practitioner, a customized program and meal plan is tailored to meet the individual’s needs and lifestyle.   A Blue Sky MD program workbook, recipe binder, water bottle and food journal are supplied during this visit to provide the tools needed to get started on your journey.

Weekly Appointments

Our Blue Sky MD wellness coaches are delighted to see you every week for 13 weeks.  The coaches will work with you to obtain the lifestyle that is best for your health from this point forward. Blue Sky MD will provide weekly educational components to help build your knowledge to ensure your long time success.  Review of body composition analysis, goals, weekly Lipo B injections and behavior modifications are included in your weekly sessions.  Other tools that ensure your success are available at an additional charge.  Great products that work in conjunction to our plan our prescription strength, medical grade Blue Sky MD supplements, prescription for appetite suppressants, all natural appetite suppressant, B1/B6 shots, food scale, exchange book for various food sources and access to other tools.

After the Program

At completion of your 13 week program, you may be eligible to take advantage of our Blue Sky MD transitional phase.  Once you have reached your weight loss goal, you will be eligible to continue your journey with our Blue Sky for Life program which offers a $25 credit and 10% off all services available at Blue Sky MD.