We get asked a good bit what are some of the biggest Advantages of Physician Managed Weight Loss programs so we came up with a quick list of the top 4 things we feel like we bring to the table at BlueSkyMD.  We even did an infographic that you can share or send to people who might be interested.

Physician ManagedBlueSkyMD Infographic Advantages of Physician Managed Weight Loss

Medically Supervised: On top of labs and an initial consultation with one of our Providers, you will receive monthly medical follow-ups to ensure adequate and consistent management of your progress.

Supervised Testing

One-on-One Accountability: Our Wellness Coaches provide weekly support and accountability for our patients. This helps the patient stay on track and contributes greatly to overall success in following our Dietician designed program.

Hormone Balancing

Hormone/Thyroid Optimization: Oftentimes, hormone balance is the key piece to the weight loss puzzle. We test your hormone levels with initial lab work to test for any underlying issues we need to solve so you can see the most progress.

Nutritional Supplement Management

Lifetime Behavior Modification: Our program is NOT a quick fix. We instill and encourage lifestyle changes so your weight loss is an achievement you can celebrate for a lifetime! No more yo-yo dieting!!


Download and Share a .pdf version of our Infographic HERE