Running and Eating RightWe’ve all heard people say it, “I work out so I can eat whatever I want”, but do these people see any results from their time in the gym? More than likely not. If anything they may maintain their weight, and yes, we all have different goals. But, if your goal is to lose a little excess body fat then diet + exercise offers the best weight loss results, and the best way to get the physique you desire!

These 5 reasons will get you wanting to align your combined nutrition and exercise plan:

  1. You get to eat more! When you make better choices with food, you are able to have more! For instance, for 300 calories you can either have ¾ of a Starbucks Blueberry Muffin OR you could have 1 Light English muffin with a TBSP of peanut butter, 1 egg and ½ cup strawberries! I’ll take the option with more food, thanks!
  2. Improve Overall Performance. It takes work to change your physique and in order to do that work, we need fuel! Snacking on high sugar, processed foods won’t get you very far in your workout. Once that sugar high runs out, you will crash and so will your PR’s!  Focus on complex carbs prior to working out and a combination of protein and carbs post workout!
  3. Improve Your Energy Level. Not only can overeating be detrimental to our weight loss goals, but under-eating can also hinder our progress. If we are killing it in the gym but not getting enough calories, our energy level can be all over the place. Our bodies can start using muscle for energy which is generally counterproductive to gym goers!
  4. Tone Your Target Areas Faster. Excess calories have a way of making their way to the exact areas we are trying to tone! Generally with women, excess weight is store in the hips and thighs and men it goes straight to the gut! Are those the areas you are trying to tone? Then let’s not waste excess calories on the burger, fries and a milkshake because no amount of crunches will get you a six pack with that diet!
  5. Feel Better! Overall eating better will lead to feeling better and when we feel better we are more motivated to move and exercise! Diet and exercise for weight loss go hand in hand and you will see the best progress when we incorporate both!

Don’t underestimate this powerful duo. Exercise can sustain weight loss but a healthy diet is what drives it! Our Blue Sky MD staff recommend you do both in order to achieve an overall healthy lifestyle!