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Read and watch real Blue Sky MD weight loss reviews from real patients. Whether it’s hormone replacement therapy or weight control, these people have been through exactly what you’re going through.

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“Since my first appointment coming to Blue Sky, I feel like my battery has been rejuvenated and recharged. I have lots of energy, I’m able to accomplish more, and I feel healthier. Being a patient at Blue Sky MD changed my life – it’s changed everything about me.”


“Since starting hormone replacement therapy, I’ve felt a lot more energy and a sense of well being. The biggest change since I’ve started has just been my overall mood. It’s amazing! I’ve have so many people comment on it. I feel normal for the first time in a long time.”


“I suffered from chronic migraines daily. I’d been from doctor to doctor, from neurologist to neurologist. For somebody to know that I felt that bad and have an answer for it, wonderful! Now I’m in a joyful place and I’m thankful for Blue Sky. ”

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